Bringing Latin America payments to the world

Kushki Mundial services Global PSP’s, platforms, marketplaces, aggregators and orchestration layers who need to sell into Latin America enabling them to service their client portfolio reaching consumers across the region.

Helping Payment Partners open the market for merchants in Latin America

Removing barriers for you to enter this fast growing market helping you win new merchant business.

Bringing you a team of global payment experts driven by a local LATAM business enabling local payment processing in region.

317 Million

US $85 Billion

Onlineretail sales

US $32 Billion

CrossborderE-commerce spend

E-commerce users (13.6% by 025)

We take a last mile approach delivering connectivity through one integration



Multiple means of local alternative payment methods and international payments

Acquiring as a service

Service-based approach from a regional player with local expertise (regulation, taxation, authorization, rates)

Local payment procesing

Regulation and tax compliance

Best-in-class 99,999% platform availability

On the ground regional team and local expertise

Global TeamRegional PlayerLocal Expertise

One solution for all LATAM

Join Kushki Mundial in supporting the growth of ecommerce in Latin America, estimated to be worth US$230bn by 2023, nearly double what is was in 2018.
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